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Instead of writing out some corporate mission statement…

I want to share my origin story with you.

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My Story:
When the Best-Laid Plans Meet a Sudden Dead End

In 2016, I was working as a massage therapist.

And I was not happy about it.

I had a loooong commute to and from work on the subway — an hour and a half each way.

And my hands and wrists were getting beat up on a daily basis.

(although to be fair, a League of Legends addiction didn’t help either)

As a therapist, many of the people I saw were eager to unburden themselves of as much negative energy as possible in our 60 minutes together…

Leaving me to head home feeling drained and weighed down from listening to everyone else talk about their problems.

Worse still, I was hardly making any money.

Clients would often cancel on short-notice, leaving me with long unpaid breaks between treatments. 

I’d spend this time wandering the neighborhood around the clinic, contemplating my future, and wondering how my life had veered so far off course.

Because my work depended on my physical presence, not to mention the physical presence of a client, travelling was pretty much out of the question.

I feared that I would never be able to see the world.

I felt trapped.


And ashamed of myself.

I couldn’t seem to figure it out…

How was it that I — a motivated, driven, and ambitious young man who spent much (maybe even too much) time thinking about the future — had ended up here?

Clearly, I’d made some miscalculations of the critical variety.

Then, one day, I reached my breaking point.

I woke up with my forearms feeling like they were hanging by a thread.

As if the minute I tried to grip something, my tendons were going to explode, and I’d have to be rushed into surgery.

The thought of going into work that day made me want to weep.

It took all the intestinal fortitude I could muster to fight back the tears.

Safe to say, I’d reached a dead end.

I realized then that something had to give.

(and preferably, NOT my hands and wrists)

So, I went to Google and started searching for “how to make money online”.

Scams and paid surveys abound…

I eventually stumbled on the concept of digital nomadism.

I discovered there were people who sought out remote work for the express purpose of being able to work and travel at the same time.

Mind. Blown. 🤯

I felt like I’d just been unplugged from the Matrix.

This revelation opened my eyes to an entirely new way of thinking about my future.

It dovetailed nicely with a book I was reading at the time called The 4-Hour Work Week.

And the concept of lifestyle design.

For the first time, I became aware that I’d spent years going down a path that would never lead me to the destination I wanted.

So I began to course correct.

To design my future life with conscious intent.

Now, one of my lifelong dreams had always been to become a writer…

And after further Googling, it became clear that copywriting was the most lucrative form of freelance writing there was.

“If someone else can do it, then so can I,” I thought to myself.

It was the strength of this belief, mixed with the profound unhappiness of my current situation, that lit the match and served as the fuel for my fire.

So I hit the digital pavement and began plying my trade as a freelance copywriter.

At first, I was willing to write anything I could get paid for.

Articles, blogs, emails, landing pages, sales letters, video scripts — you name it.

Within a few months, I was able to scrape together a few clients and quit my job as a massage therapist.

It was a gamble, to be sure.

But I couldn’t get out of the clinic fast enough.

As I started doing some more research on this new field in which I hoped to make my mark…

I came across The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy.

With each turn of the page, my mind was filled with images of collecting huge upfront fees and fat royalty checks from writing long-form sales letters.

The notion of earning multiple 6- or even 7-figures a year while writing just 1-2 sales letters a month was intoxicating.

However, my pursuit of sales letter millions was not meant to be.

I encountered two problems:

Problem #1: Writing a long-form sales letter that converts is really, really, really hard and takes a tremendous amount of work. 

Problem #2: The clients who were hiring me to write sales letters rarely had a proven offer or the means to drive enough traffic to test my copy.

So I was stuck.

Unable to build up my track record or get the results I needed to improve.

Still on a high from quitting massage, I kept grinding away as a freelancer all the same, writing all kinds of copy for different clients across multiple markets.

I even made good on my dream of becoming a digital nomad.

Here I am the top of Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai. January 2018.

But in the meantime, a new copywriting medium had emerged.

One that was rapidly becoming a major player in the online business landscape…

And giving some entrepreneurs the ability to transform their business in as little as 400 words.

The medium?


With billions of users, unparalleled targeting options, and the freedom to run long-form ads…

It was the ultimate copywriter’s playground.

Applying the same lifestyle design lens to my new career as a copywriter, I realized it would be much easier to master a medium where the average word count was 400 or less — instead of 4,000 or more.

So I went all in.

Fast-forward to today…

I’m dedicated to sharing all the lessons I’ve learned about writing long-form Facebook ads that sell.

Because in my experience, most content out there related to Facebook advertising is focused on media buying, not how to write great ads.

Media buying is important, don’t get me wrong.

But learning how to write great ads has completely transformed my business, and given me the freedom to earn a very comfortable living doing something I love.

It’s also given me the power to transform my clients’ businesses.

And while it may sound a bit cliche…

The truth is, knowing you’ve had a direct impact on someone else’s business (and life) is an exhilarating feeling.

It provides a sense of fulfillment that I’ve yet to find anywhere else in my travels, digital or otherwise.

Currently, in addition to my job as a copywriter and media buyer at a digital advertising agency, I write the Ad Writing Insiders Newsletter every Friday.

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There’s a lot more to my story of course, but I’ll save that for another time…